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#39 - Your Guide To Advancing Your Career By Managing Up

March 06, 2024 Kara Dennison and Jack Dennison
Career Advancement Academy
#39 - Your Guide To Advancing Your Career By Managing Up
Show Notes

Join us in today’s episode and learn how to advance your career by mastering the skill of managing up, a strategy expertly unpacked in our latest episode with insights from Harvard Business Review. Learn how a harmonious relationship with your boss can lead to more than just meeting deadlines—it can propel your career forward and help you achieve your growth and career objectives. Discover the importance of proactive communication and how regular one-on-one meetings can be the cornerstone of your professional development. We talked about how to prepare for these crucial interactions, present project updates, and raise pertinent questions.  Tune in for a practical conversation that equips you to manage up with confidence and finesse.

Episode highlights:
(1:58) Harvard Business Review's definition of managing up
(5:04) Viewing managing up as building bridges and creating harmony
(7:27) Benefits of managing up, including job satisfaction and career opportunities
(10:15) Managing up is not about changing or judging your manager
(14:27) Anticipating manager's needs and adapting to communication styles
(18:08) Setting clear expectations, boundaries, and intentions for a better working relationship
(20:31) The importance of managing up for career advancement
(22:46) Outro

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