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#35 - Is It Time To Break Up With Your Career?

February 07, 2024 Kara Dennison and Jack Dennison
Career Advancement Academy
#35 - Is It Time To Break Up With Your Career?
Show Notes

Do you feel like your career flame is flickering out? We've got the spark to reignite your passion! Join us in this transformative episode; with a blend of humor and heart, we tackle the sobering findings from a Gallup poll, revealing a crisis of disengagement in the workplace. But it's not all doom and gloom—we're here to help you spot the warning signs your job may no longer be the right fit. From the detrimental effects of feeling underappreciated to the telltale symptoms of burnout, we're unwrapping the tough truths about when and why professionals fall out of love with their jobs. We'll also share why staying true to your gut can lead to more fulfilling career moves and how aligning with a company's culture can be a game-changer. Whether you're yearning for a fresh start or just a little more spark in your current role, our strategies for overcoming workplace disengagement will empower you to keep that career fire burning brighter than ever.

Episode highlights:
(2:54) Shocking statistics on employee engagement
(4:52) Early signs of burnout and disengagement
(8:49) Ways to tell if your career is misaligned
(12:03) Strategies to rekindle passion and motivation
(16:40) Considering new job opportunities
(20:49) The importance of networking and LinkedIn
(22:05) The pain of staying the same versus making a change
(24:38) Closing thoughts and recommendations
(24:41) Outro

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