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#9 - 5 Ways Your Grind Is Killing You

August 09, 2023 Kara Dennison and Jack Dennison
Career Advancement Academy
#9 - 5 Ways Your Grind Is Killing You
Show Notes

What if the secret to success isn't constant hustle but giving yourself the space to rest and rejuvenate? We've found ourselves caught in the relentless grind, putting our well-being on the line for professional gain, and we're here to tell you — it's not the only way. Together, let's delve into the little-discussed costs of the non-stop hustle culture that can lead to burnout, strain relationships, and even result in physical and mental health problems. We're sharing our personal experiences to underscore why this topic is so crucial. Get ready for some startling revelations in this must-listen episode!

Show notes:
[4:13] Burnout. What is it, and what are the symptoms?
[5:58] Strained relationships
[8:41] Limited perspective
[10:54] Diminished creativity
[12:39] Health issues
[16:32] Sharing a personal experience when it comes to “grind”
[18:44] The healthier approach to support your career
[28:15] Quick summary
[29:00] Outro

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